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Dutch National Police - The Netherlands

The Central Security and Protection Department (CSPD) is part of the Central Unit of the Dutch National Police Agency. The Central Unit deals with a wide variety of policing tasks that have one thing in common: they are, within the Dutch police, organized on a national level – either because it’s more cost effective to do so, or more efficient, or because there are other advantages bringing together the required expertise at a national level.

The CSPD provides security and protection for members of the Royal family and their guests, politicians, diplomats and others, and always in a customized fashion. The most suitable techniques, tactics, and personnel for safeguarding the individual in question are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Close protection officers are not simply bodyguards, as is often thought. The officers are trained to take action when the situation demands it, but their main focus lies in preventing attacks.

The past few years the CSPD  has been participating in various projects with the goal to gain more insights into their opponents and smart manners in detecting attacks and preventing them. For example the CSPD headed an international exercise with their Belgian, German and English counterparts in which the goal was to test their own vulnerabilities. Also the CSPD is running a project in which tailor made intervention tactics are being invented and tested.