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Fraunhofer - Germany

Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft e.V. is the largest funding organization for applied research and
technology transfer in Germany. The Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering (Fraunhofer IESE) in Kaiserslautern, Germany, founded in January 1996, is headed by Prof. Dr. Dieter Rombach and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Liggesmeyer. Fraunhofer IESE is one of the most recognized software engineering institutions worldwide and takes a lead in Europe. It is a member of the Fraunhofer Group Information and Communication Technology – the biggest coordinated capacity in the field of applied informatics research in Europe. Fraunhofer IESE concentrates on applied research, development and technology transfer in the areas of innovative software development approaches, quality and process engineering, continuous improvement, organizational learning, as well as continuous education and training.

In order to prepare industrial software developers and end users for current and future information technology challenges like Ambient Intelligence, Fraunhofer IESE develops new techniques, methods, processes, and tools that base software development on sound engineering principles. Partner companies work in areas where the quality of the products and services depends heavily on the quality of the supporting software – like automobile production, medical systems, telecommunications, transportation, trade, banking and insurance, software production, and health. A unique selling point of Fraunhofer IESE is the application of engineering-based empirical evaluation expertise to assess the impact of software engineering methods, techniques and tools as well as of software and system solutions.